# Important Schemes Being Run by MP Government

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# Important Schemes Being Run by MP Government

Leading initiative

Madhya Pradesh Government is committed to ensuring happiness and welfare in the life of every citizen of his state. This makes the state's initiative clear. Public Service Guarantee Act, Ladli Laxmi Yojana, Chief Minister Kanyadan Yojana, Chief Minister's Panchayats, Solution Online, Beti Bachao Abhiyan, are the best examples of initiatives to fulfill the state's commitment. These plans are providing specific results and are making direct changes. Some of these are so impressive, that other states are adopting them too.

MP Govt Schemes

Public Services Provided Guarantee Act 2010

'Madhya Pradesh Public Service Guarantee Act, 2010' is the first time in the country, its special kind, which guarantees public services to the citizens in the prescribed time limit.

This "historical act" is a reflection of the state's commitment to achieving good governance. 'Madhya Pradesh Public Service Guarantee Act 2010' guarantees citizens to provide basic public services within the stipulated time and plans for Accountability Mechanism for failure to do so. Under this Act, 52 important public services such as the issue of caste, birth, marriage and domicile certificate, drinking water connections, ration cards and copies of land records have been notified. A time period has been fixed for delivery of each service. The officer who fails to comply with his duties and does not provide these services on time, he has to pay a sum of Rs. 250 to Rs. 5000 per day in the form of a fine.

This act provides two-step appeal process. When the citizen does not receive the notification notified on time, he can appeal to the First Appellate Authority. If the First Appellate Authority is careless or the citizen is dissatisfied with his decision, he can file an appeal with the other Appellate Authority. Such officers have the power to impose fines and order disciplinary action against the other appellate authority. Where the offender is fined, same compensation is paid to the applicants due to inconvenience. This unique law provides an effective means to realize the objectives of the Citizen Charter.

The Act won the UNPSA award of 2012, in the category 'Improvement in distribution of public services', this Act has received the UN Public Service Award (UNPSA) of the year 2012. The state has won this prestigious award from 73 countries and out of 483 nominations. This 'Public Service Award' of the United Nations is a reputable identity of excellence in public service at the international level.

Chief Minister's pilgrimage planning

This 'Chief Minister's pilgrimage scheme' is another example of the state's serious efforts to provide assistance to its citizens in every possible way. Under this unique scheme, senior citizens of any religion have been provided facilities to visit religious places of their choice on the expenditure of the State Government.

Save girl child campaign

'Beti Bachao Abhiyan' is an initiative taken by Madhya Pradesh government under the personal leadership of Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan.

The purpose of this campaign is to stop the decline in the sex ratio of girls and to remove the social impact associated with it and to discriminate against girls.

The Chief Minister visited many places to meet and motivate people to end the condemnation of female feticide. Under this campaign, many activities were undertaken to educate people about the importance of protecting girl's fetus for a healthy sex balance.

"Panchayat" - direct conversation with different groups of society

Through the conduct of Panchayat, the State Government has made the best efforts to reach the last person of the society.

In a unique and special initiative by the Chief Minister, dialogue was organized with different groups of future stakeholders on issues of development. So far, 24 panchayats have been organized, the majority of whom are in the official residence of Chief Minister. These include - workers, bicycle rickshaw pullers, market makers, vendors, fishermen, physically handicapped, senior citizens, servant maid, women, farmers, sportsmen, students, artisans and small entrepreneurs. A large number of important decisions and plans have been announced in these panchayats. This is a democratic effort, in which the immediate decisions have been made in the interest of the society, giving voice to most of the disadvantaged groups, their concerns, expectations and expectations.

With this initiative, several welfare schemes have been started - including security scheme for Chief Minister's workers, Chief Minister Mandi Hamal security scheme, urban women maiden welfare fund, senior citizens' pilgrimage scheme, chief minister's farming scheme, chief minister's rural housing scheme etc. is.

Solution Online

As an effective tool for making the administration responsive at all levels, 'Solution Online' has been started with the aim of addressing and solving the people's grievances with an attitude of empathy, sensitivity and high priority. This program is organized on Tuesday before every month. All district and department officials are asked to stay in office for any explanation that day. Approximately 20 to 25 applications are randomly selected, through the website on the same day of the program, the concerned officers are sent to submit the report. This report is presented online by the concerned officials to the Honorable Chief Minister's Office. The Hon'ble Chief Minister reviews the report with the concerned officials through the facility of complainant and video conferencing.

The instructions given by the Honorable Chief Minister are followed through the website. All districts participate in this program through the facility of video conferencing.

One day rule

'Solution in a day' is a very innovative and about 21 certificates for applicants, a program that is available on the same day as per the demand. Public is required to apply till 11.00 am to 1:30 pm, after which certificates are issued before the expiry of the day. If the application is rejected or delayed, the applicants are told due to it. The collector monitors the application settlement at the end of each day. As a result of the implementation of this program, even after spending a lot of money and time, the citizens' fire examinations have ended due to uncertainty in getting certificates in hand. It generates revenue, public confidence increases and the role of the arbitrator ends and the number of pending cases also decreases.

Ladli laxmi scheme

This scheme was started in 2006, with the objective of improving the educational and economic condition of girls, to keep a strong foundation for the future of girls and to bring about a positive change in the birth of girl in society. Under this scheme, the state government buys national savings letters after the birth of every girl, every year, Rs 6 thousand rupees, till the amount reaches upto 30,000 rupees. Under this scheme, girl gets Rs. 2 thousand for admission in sixth grade, Rs. 4 thousand is given for enrollment in class IX and Rs. 7500 is given for admission in Class XI.

During Class XI and XII, he gets Rs 200 per month during his studies. When the girl gets 21 years old and she does not marry before 18 years of age, then she is paid an amount of one lakh rupees at the same time. The beneficiaries of this scheme are given the benefits of the scheme, who have adopted family planning after two living children, registered in Anganwadi center and parents outside the income tax bracket.

Chief Minister Kanyadan Yojana

The scheme has been started on the initiative of Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan. The purpose of this scheme is to provide financial assistance to poor, needy, destitute families to marry their daughters / widows / divorces. Under this scheme, assistance of Rs 15,000 is provided for the household items and group marriage expenses. This help is provided in the group marriage with the condition of getting the girl's age of 18 years.