# 10 Proven Tips to Prepare Competitive Exams At Home Without Coaching

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# 10 Proven Tips to Prepare Competitive Exams At Home Without Coaching

Today the competition is increasing day by day and people come competing in the Competition form. Many people think that without coaching, the exam can not be clear but it is not so that you can prepare for the competitive exam without coaching and Exam can clear just for hard work and self-confidence. 

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When you start preparation for a competitive exam, The biggest problem is that starting with what should be read, what to read, what books should be read, what not to read, all such questions start coming to everybody's mind. Here are some tips to prepare you for competitive exams without the help of any coaching center.

1. Self Confidence - The first step in preparing the exam is self confidence. Say this in the inner mind with great confidence that I can crack this exam, I will study hard and crack the exam.

2. Planning for Study - The second step is planning, without planning, it is not possible to make a plan. We make a path by planning, how to walk, how to teach, how to study, what to read, its Before preparing for an examination, you should know all the latest update about your exam like Exam date, hall ticket, Notification etc.

Success = Good Planning + Positive Attitude

3. Time Table - The third step is keeping making time table, exam syllabus in mind, you create your own time table so that all Syllabus cover can be done in time. Read each subject well and give more time to the weak subject. 

Staying busy is not important, because the ants are also busy, the important thing is that you are busy with " Henry David"

4. Study Material - Study material according to the subject of examination. Many examinations are available in the market as soon as the exam comes and you are confused which book is not good, for this, you can read some good books related to the subject you are preparing for. book can also be taken. From which you can prepare many competitive exams from a single book. One Subject reads from the same book so you do not have Confuse. And read that book many times if there is a problem in any topic then you can also get help from the internet.

5. Regular Study - Regular studies with regular concentration. Regular studies will not make you feel relaxed and you can complete the syllabus by exam from time to time. We should study only 7 to 8 hours a day. If we can not study for 7 to 8 hours a day, we should compensate for the second day on which we have reduced our education.

6. Environment of Study - It is said that joining a coaching class is very important for success in any Competition Examination but it is not so without self-study of coaching, you can pass the exam, In relation to the problem where you are having trouble, free video is available from the topic. Self motivation is very important, do it time to time.

7. Making Notes - When you read a topic, make notes of important Topics and Points along with studies. A practice is like short notes. It will boost you to easily read and study important points in less time. While preparing study notes, use Voice and the Charts. It will be easy to understand the topic.

8. Solve Old Question paper - If you take a deeper study of the last 5-10 years of the questions asked in any examination, you will become familiar with the paper pattern and your confidence level will increase and You will also know your shortcomings well and will be able to overcome it. As you solve the old paper and complete it in the exam time limit. After it, just evaluate your wrong answer and find the correct answer. it will help you to find your weakness and strengths.

9. Self-Test Knowledge - Self-confidence and knowledge is done to conduct weekly examinations in coaching, in which the student's examination ends and fear of solving questions quickly in the exam. Are there. You can also do this in the house and find out which subject is weak, which work is to work harder, it can be overcome by identifying the shortcomings and also practicing to increase Confidence level.

10. Take Care Health - While preparing an exam , you should also take care of your health because your body and mind are not as good until you can study, exercise for it, body or mind Exercise is very important to keep fit. With this the mind will remain fresh and stress free and you will feel in your studies.

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