# How to Prepare for your written government job exams?

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# How to Prepare for your written government job exams?

In this vast sea of candidates, getting your dream job is cumbersome indeed. Lakhs and lakhs of students join the realm of competition and job hunt, making this process a tough one in the name of achievement. Though there are numerous job opportunities available these days, government jobs still lure thousands of prospective candidates from all over the country. The attraction has its reasons. With high satisfaction and job security, candidates fight to get themselves settled up within them. With various job options in the number states along with availability of diverse job types and positions, the candidate is free to apply for any kind of government jobs in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra etc.
Govt exam
If you are in the line of giving your next job exam, then follow these useful tips to have a great beginning. 

Learn about the job position

This should be your foremost task while you are applying for any job position. Though most of them have a similar structure but somehow a few of them might have a different course added up to ante up the level of competition among the candidates. You should thoroughly check the selection procedure of that particular position rather than dwelling on the likewise positions in some other organization. The syllabus could be a little different. By studying the position well, you can fabricate your own time table in the course. Keep yourself updated on the news of any latest govt jobs even if you have just pass 10th or 12th class. to apply right on time.

Go through your study material

Before you start your actual preparation, it is advisable to go through your existing study material. It is better to choose books where you could understand the meaning of the language and it’s no hardcore for you to crack the exam after studying them. Browse internet thoroughly. Innumerable study materials are provided on internet. 

Form up your preparation strategy

After learning about the position clearly, you should start preparing for your study strategy. You know the exam date or month thus you are well aware on how much time you have left. A last minute preparation should be avoided at any cost. At first, you need to focus on the subjects that are not your strong point. Covering this much syllabus would reduce a lot of burden from your shoulders. After concluding these, you may move on to the simpler ones. This type of planning would make sure that you are almost prepared with your exam since the known subjects won’t take much of your time.

Prepare Notes at every stage

While you are studying and revising your material, it would be better to prepare notes of all the important things such as formulas, facts, current discovery etc. as per the requirement of the exam. Keeping these notes would help you at the last moment when you are going through your revision phase. Just flip the pages and memorize all that you have learnt so far. But, try to make your notes error free and as modularized as possible to keep the reading effortless. 

Attempt some mock tests

To get a hang of how the questions will be asked, you should attempt some practice tests first. It will give the idea about the style of questions, their difficulty level, and how much time are they taking to get solved. Thus, practicing such tests would help you in understanding your own capability. Do it on the paper or give online papers, just try to keep the track of time while you are preparing. In the midst of all this, remember that you should examine the previous year papers as well. 

Improve concentration

It is true that you cannot keep on studying consistently for longer hours. It would fire back and all your efforts would get wasted for nothing. If you are somehow getting distracted, then do a little brainstorming session. Attempt some puzzles, play few games, go for a walk and so on to give you an air of relaxation while you are all so busy with your preparation.

Keep yourself motivated

If unfortunately, this is your second or third attempt then you must be a little disappointed with your performance. Just don’t. Keeping your morale down would not help you in any way. You have to believe in yourself and your abilities. Scoring is main goal but a strong preparation is what you require to achieve that level of success. 

Try to seek guidance

It would be better to keep yourself in touch with your senior who have passed such exams. They can help you out regarding the names of topics you should be focusing on. Keeping in touch with such a person would keep your spirits up and you could consult him regarding any problem that you might be facing while you prepare.

Keeping these things in mind, just start your preparations and pass your exams with flying colors.