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# Infographic: Literacy & Employment in India भारत में साक्षरता एवं रोजगार

India is a very big country with more than 1.324 billion people, There are 29 states in which various are far away from better education system and employment, Most of the states are very poor in providing good education and health, This is because of less infrastructure and absence of good governance.

India is the country of village and 70% of it's total population live in rural areas, Most of the government facilities are absence in rural areas that is the main reason of unemployment and illiteracy in rural areas.

Here in this article we are providing an info graphic through which it will be easily understandable the literacy and employment rate between rural and urban areas of India.
India's GDP and census to know employment and education provided by government
This information is helpful for those people who want a short comparison of literacy and unemployment rate between urban and rural areas of India. India's GDP and literacy rate directly effect on the scope of employment on the particular area.
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