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# How to Make a Career In Blogging

Blogging is becoming more popular these days, Previously people used to blog to share their own minds and their thinking but these days it is the best place to make a good living. Now a days millions of people are blogging every day and earning good amounts of money with it. You can also start your own blog and make your career in blogging.

What is blog?

Blog is like a website in which you can share amazing contents like Pictures, News, Articles, Videos etc. It is the best place where you can cover more audience and share your knowledge and amazing contents with them. 

Types of Blog

There are many types of blog created like a picture blog, In which people share the amazing pictures of different things like Animals, Places, Food etc. Besides it there are News blog in which local or national news is shared.
There are some personal blogs created for limited audience, People share their contents with the audience they want.

Is Blogging Good for a Better Career

Of course Blogging is one of the best option to choose it to make it your career, You can make good money through it, Even i have chosen blogging as my career, This site is also a part of  blogging I spend my time to develop this site and earning a good living through it.

How to Create A Good Blog

There are Two ways of creating a blog First is free of cost method and another is chargeable method.
I've chosen Free method to start because i was not aware of it and decided to blog with free method as it was my learning period. In free method there are some limitation and shortages of some good features but in chargeable method there is more flexibility in blogging, I will recommend you to start with free method. I have created a separate blog in which i have written various articles on how to start a blog and make money online. Just visit my blog to learn How to start a Blog.
My Blog is Here

How Much I can Earn From A Blog

Well it totally depends on your work and time spent in blogging, There are some bloggers in India Like Mr. Amit Agrawal who is earning more than INR 7,00,000 to 10,00,000 per month and there are some such a bloggers who are earning more than $1,00,000 in other countries. So if you work hard you will earn more.

How the Money is Earned From Blog

To know about this system let's take an example of a TV serial, As in TV serial a serial is Played and after some interval Advertisements are Played, The TV channel operators earn money from those Advertisements. Same Phenomena works in Blogging, In Blogging your Blog is like a TV channel and your content is like a TV serial, If your content is well written, attractive and user friendly then people will love your content and will engage with your contents and you will earn money from those people via advertisement shown in your blog. See the example of YouTube.