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# Top 5 Business Schools In India - Top B Schools In India

Top B Schools In India

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Top 5 Business Schools in India
Hey guys, hope you all are enjoying this site? Today we gonna publish a list of top b schools in India, In this list we have added top colleges in India of Top universities in India. In this list we have added various Indian schools of business in which some of colleges are in the line of the Top B school in the world.Please find below the list of best colleges in India of Business.

1. IIM (Indian Institute of Management) Ahmedabad

IIM Ahmedabad is the best institute of IIM in India, It is the best Indian school of business.
IIM Ahmedabad Rank in India : 1st
Cut Off Marks in CAT : 90
Fees : 15,50,000 Rupee

2. IIM (Indian Institute of Management) Bangalore

IIM Bangalore is in second number in the list of Top B Schools In India it means it is the next best business school after the IIM Ahmedabad.
IIM Bangalore Rank in India : 2nd
Cut Off Marks in CAT : 85
Fees : 17,00,000 Rupee

3. IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Delhi

Department of management studies in IIT Delhi is one of the best business school of India.
IIT Delhi MBA Ranking : 3rd
Cutoff Marks in CAT : 95
Fees : 4,28,000 Rupee

4. University of Delhi Faculty of Management Studies

University of Delhi MBA Ranking: 4th
Cutoff Marks in CAT : 95
Fees : 1,00,000 Rupee

5. IIT Bombay,Shailesh J Mehta School of Management

IIT Bombay MBA Ranking : 5th
Cutoff Marks : 95
Fees : 8,98,000 Rupee

Disclaimer: This List of Top B schools in India is taken from an education website we do not make any warranties about the completeness, reliability and accuracy of this information.